We help organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals increase productivity and sales
by teaching them the powerful tool of telling memorable and impactful stories.

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Infuse Storytelling Into Your Organization's Culture and Into Your Life
Storyteller and Entrepreneur Mark Goldman launched Telling Matters, a B2B company, to assist organizations and individuals in understanding how to communicate through storytelling.

For the past ten years, under the rubric of StorytellerMark, Goldman has been an unparalleled force in the storytelling community in Phoenix, Arizona, and across the country. He has produced Story Slams, concerts, coached other tellers & facilitated many workshops. He is the recipient of the 2018 National Storytelling Network's Western Regional Oracle Award for Service and Leadership.

Goldman has written a weekly newsletter for well over six years (more than 300 issues) containing news about the storytelling world, and weekly Tips and Tidbits to help tellers with their craft and professional life. His book, Storytelling Tips: Creating Crafting and Telling Stories (Parkhurst Brothers) has been greatly praised by seasoned tellers, far and wide.

With his wide-ranging blend of knowledge and skills as a Mediator, Therapist, Storyteller, Trainer and Coach, Mark aids CEOs, and upper/middle managers in finding and crafting impactful narratives that can then be communicated to both internal and external customers.